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IXLVS was created in urge to bridge the gap where subculture style meets high fashion without obliging to the masses.

Ideas, individuality and creativity fuels  IXLVS to become something more than just a clothing brand. IXLVS chooses to follow its' own agenda, not restrained by the normal fashion formula with season and gender branched collections. As an advocator for individuality, IXLVS instead encourages the customer to mix and match to provoke and set their own trend.

IXLVS shrugs off the fashion conventions, encouraging laidback anarchy where you can wear and combine whatever and however you like.
With 9 releases of product, boundless by season or collection size, IXLVS will inspire and influence to its' final stage of life - series 001.
We Have Nine Lives.
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